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 King's Castle USA

Rev. Bob Aston, National Director
Rev. JoAnn Riley, Asst. National Director
What is King's Castle?
King's Castle Ministries is Built on Four Pillars:

As our leadership team trains children and youth to develop their talents in drama, dance, music, puppetry, and clowning to share the Gospel, they begin to explore their calling to reach the nations.  Castle Club's Festival of Colors is a 5-day evangelistic tool to reach children in the community.   By the end of the week they usually make a commitment to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Then they are invited to a weekly discipleship class called Castle Club within the local church.  We must evangelize and share Gods Love with the lost, thats why King's Castle wants to give out very best to reach every soul possible for Gods Kingdom.  The Fields are truly white and ready to be harvested and our last harvest warriors are ready to GO!


Our second pillar is dischipeship because we realize that without spiritual training, evangelism has no lasting effect. The Bible says, "train up a child in the way that they should go" Thats exactly what we do through Castle Club, Guardians of the Vision and Last Harvest Warriors. During classes and retreats, Caste Club and Guardians of the vision teaches basic doctrines, being a servant, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and sharing the Word of God in their school, community, and around the world.  Last Harvest Warriors is a discipleship training for youth and adults as they continue learning and growing in Christ; equipping them to defend their faith and share the Gospel with others in their community and through mission trips.


Missions is the third pillar of King's Castle as the heartbeat of this ministry. A mission trip not only imacts the culture being reached, but it leaves a lasting mark on those who participate.  Planning a mission trip can be time consuming and vbery costly That's why Kings Castle does all of the planning for you Literally thousands of Last Harvest Warriors are mobilized annually to preach the Gospel in the US and around the world. There are many areas of ministry where your team can get involved in the United States or in 30 countries where King's Castle was established over the past 25 years.  Mission teams can focus on: evangelism, construction, food and clothing distributions, medical, etc.  Once your mission team arrives then your lodging, transportation, and meals will be provided with the cost of the trip. Activities can be planned to keep your mission team busy serving alongside our leadership team. 


Our fourth pillar is compassion, which is represented by King's Castle Ministries in the US and around the world.  Everywhere He went, Jesus met both physical and spiritual needs.  This is why we believe in Compassion ministry through: medical clinics, homeless ministry. and natural disaster relief. Food and Clothing donations are given year-round through Team distributions in local churches.

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