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Castle Club

A Discipleship program with King's Castle International

 In King's Castle the way we disciple the students that enter in is through a program called Club Castillo (Castle Club).  It consists of seven levels in which are described below.
Level One: Child of the King:  This level is the begining of Castle Club where the student is presented with 4 classes which cover 4 cardinal doctrines of the Assemblies of God, which are: The Salvation, The Bible, The Trinity, and The eternal Hope.

During each level the student is given an assignment where he/she is required to read an assigned book of the bible and complete a fun worksheet to help them understand what they are reading about better.  also an exam will be administered to each student to see how much he/she understood what has been taught. 
Level Two: Servant of the King:  This level shows the child how he/she can begin serving in areas of the church, school, community, at home, and with Castle Club.
Level Three: Conqueror of the King:  This level consists of a class of basic training of what it means to be a part of King's Castle as well as the history of the ministry.  There is also a one day retreat which consists of 3 classes; The Holy Spirit, The Divine Healing, and The Signs and Wonders.   
Level Four: Empowered of the King: In this level there will be a three day Holy Spirit emphasis camp where the students will partake in different activities and classes showing them of who the true person of the Holy Spirit is.
Level Five: Disciple of the King: In this level there will also be a one day retreat where the student will learn how to minister with clowns and puppets.
Level Six: Warrior of the King: In this level the student is trained on how to do illustrated sermons, human videos, dances, balloon animals, and preaching on the streets while in this level.  Each student must minister with his/her group a total of 10 evangelistical street programs.
Level Seven: Guardian of the Vision:  This is the entrance level to GUARDIANS OF THE VISION  where each student begins to grow more and bring in other friends and disciple them in the area of Castle Club.  The students are acting as student leaders and must take mission trips and be actively maintaining a relationship with The Lord. 


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